An Intrinsic Love of Truth and the Scripture – most of all, you.

Learning Truth is Much More than Just knowledge, It’s Life!

For most of us, the age of awe and wonder has long passed, left for a childhood memory of yesterday. For the brothers that make up the theology ninjas, we’re never going to quit asking why!

Our dream is to be the cuff for you to pull on and bother as your mind and heart deeply long for understanding and truth. Even the critics, we invite you, not for debate, but for the infinite dialog on truth and understanding.


Reality is not always easy

So the only dumb question is the one unanswered – or not asked

For most of us, the struggle to find answers that are not fundamentally ignorant is a frustrating journey. We understand that and you have our word that no one will ever belittle you, no matter what.

While we have our standards of engagement and terms of handling disruption, the primary reason we’ve started this site is so that questions can be answered without the backlash. We send you the answer, we post the answer for all to hear, but the right to fight and fodder is yours. If you take the answer to the mediasphere, then so be it. If you’re not looking for that, then all is well.

Ninjas are known for being discreet

And they get the job done with precision

Let’s face it – nothing is worse than having to peel through the minutia of information. And when one thought is overrun by verbose nonsense it is difficult to discipher. We take comfort in knowing that our team will execute the best possible research for your inquiries without making a big fuss. We are not looking for clickbait, we are not looking for fame, we are not looking for likes and subscribes we are just looking for answers. So, ask away! What does the bible say? We can help. What did Jesus do? We know that too. Why is it even necessary to read Scripture? Got it. Why are Christians so stupid?WeE have the answer already. 😉